#ThrowbackThursday: Eliphino – More Than Me

Writing these posts for #ThrowbackThursday often causes me some surprise when I realise just how long ago some of these tracks have been released and this is one of those weeks. I remember hearing ‘More Than Me’ out in clubs on a regular basis so remembering that was 6 years ago reminds me just how fast time flies these days.

Eliphino’s club banger, ‘More Than Me’ fuses 90’s House with UKG and features a feel-good second drop, layering some hauntingly beautiful and catchy vocals sampled from Lauryn Hill. This was the title track of a 3-track EP out on the label ‘somethinksounds’ who, judging by their social media activity are no longer active which is a shame, but at least they stuck around long enough to put out this beauty.

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