UKBMix 039 // Boofy

It’s a special thing when you come across someone with as much passion for and dedication to the scene as our next UKBMix candidate. A true representative of the Bristol movement and electronic music as a whole, it’s evident how much energy this guy has spent on honing his skills not just as a DJ and label manager but as a standalone Producer too.

Fresh from celebrating the sick release ‘Dead Stylus/Ledge‘ on the respected label, Innamind Recordings which closely followed a gargantuas release collab with Ishan Sound, ‘Roll the Dice/Cane Sword‘ on his own imprint, Sector 7 Sounds, Bristol Badman Boofy has provided a 32 minute mix filled with a ‘bit of all his fave genres’ for us.

Photo credit: Sarah Koury

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