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UKBMix 091 // Mungk

We welcome Mungk to our mix series, a true storyteller musician who provokes intricate, lucid visuals with his bass-driven productions.

We are excited to welcome Mungk to our UKBMix series, a true storyteller producer with the ability to tickle the listener’s imagination enough so as to manifest the exact vivid mental journey he wants us to join him on.

Welcome Mungk…

The Leeds-based artist has recently celebrated his debut album release, Temple of Mungk on Belgium powerhouse, DUPLOC. It’s a concept piece, done very well. The 17-track project follows the narrative of a Monk who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after a momentary relapse in faith. The story is elevated further with the clever use of traditional instrumentation and field recordings which geographically stamp each country that the Monk’s quest takes him through, from the Middle East to different regions in Asia and Africa.

As nightlife in the UK springs (cautiously) back into action and the cobwebs are blown off of the soundsystems, our appetite as partygoers has been tantalisingly whet since 19th July. And if you’re like us, you’re craving that intimate, dark, no-judgement space where no-holds-barred bassfaces sweep the eyes-down, ready-and-poised crowd who are gagging for some meditative low-end resonance. If you know what I mean, and you’re craving that good, good bass too, this is the mix for you.

When we spoke to Mungk, he said, “This mix is to celebrate my debut album release, Temple of Mungk. It includes a few bits from the album as well as a lot of the music that was influencing me at the time. There’s a couple of unreleased bits in there too but it’s mostly all out now so feel free to check the tracklist and hunt them tunes down!”

The biggest influence on your music?

Culture and travel influence me massively, I draw a lot from traditional folk music(s) and old instruments from all over the globe.

Last track you listened to?

Shortie No Mass – U Like My Style

What track do you wish you’d made?

Egoless – Empire of Dirt

Your dream collab would be with?


Favourite piece of music kit?

That I own? Either my Korg Minilogue Synth or the Pioneer RX2.

The last album you listened to start to finish?

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River

Favourite record label?

White Peach or Moonshine Recordings

Favourite crisps?

Kettle Chips!


Mungk – Mirage
Kami-O – Bose
Mungk – Meditate
Duckem – Turn the Table
Von D – Symbolism
Zha – Losing You
Opus – This Damn Feeling
Yoofee – Zuma
Mungk – Fluting
Mungk – Fluting (Ourman Remix)
Substrada – Urdak
Mungk – Puli Kali
Mungk – Puli Kali (Drumterror Remix)
JSM – 1893
ALXZNDR – Lei Shen
Hebbe – Jah Seen Rastafari Dub
Mystic State – Tomahawk
Kami-O – Yoddha
Sibla – Tanzania
Jack Sparrow – Ron Carter
Mr. K – So Vague
Wraz – Desert Tales (Oudjat Remix)
Mungk – Warrior Dance
Bisweed – 5G
Causa – Minerals
Duckem – Vives
Glume & Phossa – Buried
Darkraqqen – Witness the End
Fiend – Clockwork
Ome – Better Stay Home
Yoofee – Seek & Move
Hamdi – Teardrops
Mungk – Epilogue


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