Top 5 UKBM articles of 2019

It has been a seriously good year for bass-orientated music.

We’ve seen incredible releases, new labels, amazing events and its been a pleasure trying to cover as many of them as possible to share with you all.

We can’t wait to see what the next decade provides, but for now here’s a look back at 5 articles from 2019 that highlight what a great year we had.


Rider Shafique

1. In Conversation with Rider Shafique

First up we have Gavin Brown’s interview of the multi-genre mic man, Rider Shafique which was published back in February. Gavin’s interviews tend to go in real deep and this one is no exception as he talks with the MC about not only his music but his upbringing, racism and his future.

Read more here.

2. ENiGMA Dubz: Interview and UKBMix053

Another Gavin Brown interview, this time with Birmingham producer ENiGMA Dubz. Yet again this was another example of a great interview and it also came equipped with the 53rd instalment of our mix series which proved to be one of our most listened to mixes of the year.

Read more and listen here.



3. Riz La Teef: 5 UKG Tracks You Need to Hear

Our writer Rob Hattaway sat down with one on the best selectors in the game, Riz La Teef, to discuss 5 UKG tracks he was most feeling at the time. As expected the tips were top shelf, resulting in this being our most viewed article of 2019.

Read more here.

4. UKBMix 050 // Spooky (Classic Grime)

Mixes don’t come much bigger than this. Grime legend, Spooky went deep into the vaults and dusted off the classics to put together mix number 50 of our series. Truly a special one and unsurprisingly one of the most listened to of the year.

Read more and listen here.

UKBMix050 Spooky

5. It’s a Garage Thing – 2019 Edition

UKG was undoubtedly the sound of 2019. New artists, labels, events and DJ’s rising up this year through the underground even made a mark with the sound getting mainstream chart success. In this article, David Akosim, dissects the past, the present and the future of the sound.

See you all in 2020!

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