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The Bass Drop – Early August

Bass music releases coming up in the first half of August that celebrate working together now the nation is mixing again

Seeing people come together again has lifted the mood here and abroad as loved ones finally have a chance to meet.  It seems some producers have got together as well to collaborate on some great releases.  Here are some dropping in the first two weeks of August worth checking out.


Cerebral Dubstep at its finest in this release which is perfectly laid out to enable a complete listen through from start to finish.  Smooth 140 gently grooves throughout, instantly creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere, which would be a brilliant accompaniment to any journey or as a backdrop to a quiet period of contemplation.  New Zealanders, Truth, are renowned for making inventive, submersive, bass heavy music and this album, Acceptance, doesn’t disappoint.  The release is both digital and on vinyl with Deep, Dark & Dangerous, where previous vinyl releases have sold out fast!  Listen / Buy


Regardless of the genre, Drumwarp has dance running through his bones.  Outer Time leans on the history of Jungle, Breaks, Garage, Techno and Acid to bring these 13 dance floor tracks to the fore.  There’s a screw up your face, angry feel in each track, perhaps because it was conceived during one of the national lockdowns, which hit the music industry hard.  Joined by Lion Yute on a track and Guevarism on another, this is a fire venture for new Liverpool based record label, ImmanentListen / Buy


Three modern rave tracks with a remix on each in this six track release from Sha Sha Kimbo.  The LA based producer shows her love for the UK rave scene whilst respectfully advancing the sound.  Plenty of carefully selected flicks whilst maintaining the involuntary body jerking drums and weighty, inventive basslines.  Remixes appear from Brazilian born LYZZA, New Yorker Machine Girl and Bristol based LCY to complete this, possibly unintentionally, all female release.  Out on hybrid creating experimental electronic label, EVARListen / Buy


Somewhat dark themed in sentiment, Painful Enlightenment delves into the modern human psyche of growth, stumbling through life choices whilst inevitably learning and carrying on.  Each track is constructed with a Free approach, a deconstruction of Bass music, where at times suggestions of Jazz creep in to aid to the overall aural pleasure.  Chicago born  Jana Rush, or JaRu, is joined by DJ Paypal and Nancy Fortune later on in the album who bring out more of a party style.  Listen / Buy


If you wonder why the Olympic athletes all seem to be on fire, it must be due to an after party promise with Tokyo based Stones Taro at the helm.  The Japanese producer continually smashes the mark with his releases and Yakusugi holds future club classics.  Break beat with revolving drums, cuts, dancehall samples and all out vibe feature throughout this four track treat for a debut release with Cheeky Music Group’s Breaks N PiecesListen / Buy

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