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The Bass Drop – Late September

Here are five hot releases dropping late in September to join the late summer heat that has seen festivals restart successfully.

September has brought a belated and welcome heat to the country, so attending one of the first festivals to reassemble has created experiences to savour.  Producers have also been bringing the heat, and here are 5 releases about to drop in the second half of September that are worth picking up.


A treat of four epic tracks which instantly feel festival ready, ensuring that Fiesta Soundsystem lives up to his name.  The EP has an unusual ability of capturing a defining sound of an era and making a new version which will stand with the music of today.  Pulse Fiesta captures the transition of dark UK garage morphing into the birth of Grime and Acid Tool captures the tones of Hardcore at the birth of Jungle.  Completely adept at producing multiple genres, the EP goes on to offer more breaks at a rapid speed, each track befitting of smashing up its respective festival.  The London based producer releases with Of Paradise Records Listen / Buy


Landstrumm displays his experience of decades under the belt with this new release.  Always celebrated as an originator and pioneer, he continues to stun with his vocal samples, drum incorporations, inventive basslines and sound building.  Yell Yell consists of 8 tracks offering variety, changes and generous length listens.  Out on Sneaker Social Club Listen / Buy


We covered Brain Dance as an early release back in May which went on to be very much loved.  Here now follows the full album release, Chromatism.  An uplifting and inspiring listen bringing many moments to cherish.  There are sections of Soul and instrumentalism that will move you, and times of experimentation and invention that leave you locked to the speaker anticipating every progression.  A purchase that you will be happy to own for years to come, out on Casamance Listen / Buy


Another great release coming out from the Leeds based in:flux audio.  A label that has been very effective in providing a platform for new producers and artists to shine.  Understandably they were keen to work with J.Kong again who has presented a varied release kicking off with a piece featuring Charlie Dax and ending with a sunshine dream remix of Delight by Dunman.  No doubt that there will be more collaborations within this unit to come.  Listen / Buy


Deep, moody and experimental creations in this 4 track release that incorporates vocal samples with excellent effect.  Aagentah has shown ability to incorporate different styles and influences into his music over previous releases, but clearly chose to stay with hard hitting and heavy for this one.  Dunehorn feels like a special piece filled with inventiveness and skill whilst still hitting hard.  Out on Intrinzic Music Listen / Buy

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